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Our Top 10 Wedding Gift Ideas Top 10 Kitchen Wedding Gift Ideas In days gone by, getting married meant setting up home together for the first time. A wedding list would include all the basics required for a loving kitchen for two, but times have changed. Whilst kitchen items are still incredibly popular on the gift list for every couple, it's more about specialist items, gadgets and additions to already existing kitchen essential collections. If you know someone who is getting...
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13 Aug 2015
Chop Chop!

Quality kitchen knives are essential not only for producing superior usage, but having good knives can save you money in the future, lessen the need for sharpening your knives and they will be more likely to last you longer. It can be difficult buying knives that are appropriate for you, and the huge range available can make shopping an intimidating chore. Here are some that are definitely worth looking at. •     The Gripi Knife block – This knife set produced by...
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24 Jul 2015
3 Cutlery Designs

Here is a little potted history of 3 well known cutlery designs, often described as Parish Patterns which originated in the Hallamshire district of Sheffield. Cutlery has developed greatly since the time of the Civil War when attempots were being made  to catalogue the makers marks and from simpole knives with bone or ivory handles  cutlery has evolved to the stunning ranges we see today. Three different designs are: Kings Cutlery: This dates principally from the early 19th...
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First Home Checklist: The Essential Kitchen Supplies Setting Up Your First Home; the Kitchen Essentials Whether you're moving into your first home on your own, as a couple or as part of a house share, there will be a long list of items you'll need to buy for each room. Perhaps the most important room to equip first is the kitchen; you'll be spending many hours there cooking and eventually entertaining. If the room is large enough for a table and chairs, it will quickly...
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We know that the products we supply are of the highest quality. It is something we pride ourselves on a great deal. However it still makes us feel good to know that we are not the only ones to rate these products highly. Take Kai Shun knives for instance. They have been used and recommended by Aktar Islam, a rising star and director of leading restaurant Lasan. This beautiful restaurant is well known for its excellent food, service and innovative combinations. Mr Islam knows that only the...
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