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Viners Cutlery

Viners Cutlery Sets

As you know, Table Top Traders only stock the very best designer cutlery brands. With this in mind, we are proud to be a leading retailer of Viners cutlery sets.

Why Viners?

Viners has over a hundred years of experience in designing stunning cutlery that is loved generation upon generation.

Gifting your cutlery collection with the Viners brand means that you gain a unique combination of timeless elegance and exquisite contemporary design. We guarantee that you will find a Viners cutlery set that suits your unique taste, whatever that taste may be.

Their cutlery sets are guaranteed to last between 10-50 years due to the high quality stainless steel that they are made from. Using only the highest standard of stainless steel (either 18/0 or 18/10) each beautiful piece of Viners cutlery is crafted to the uppermost standard.

Viners cutlery sold at Table Top Traders

As we said, we have an expressive and varied range of Viners cutlery on sale at Table Top Traders, our stunning collection includes:

Viners Classic

This collection of cutlery uses the classic designs of old as its main inspiration. Timeless beauty never goes out of fashion and always finds a willing audience in every design era.

How to order your Viners cutlery sets from Table Top Traders

Simply add your choice of cutlery set to your basket and purchase. Please call 0800 78 344 78 or email sales@tabletoptraders.co.uk if you have any issues or would like to discuss a pending or existing order.
Most items are delivered to your door within four to six working days of your order. The price of the delivery is included in the price of your items.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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