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Viners Cutlery

Iconic and unique range of Gold or Black Titanium pieces of cutlery. Titanium quality speaks for itself!

Discover the diverse range of Cutlery Sets from Viners

Originally a family of silversmiths producing pieces from their workshops at the turn of the 20th century, the Viner father and sons collaboration blossomed to a globally known brand and at the end of the Second World War was the largest cutlery manufacturer in England
VinersCutlery sets | Table TopViners cutlery became a particularly popular choice for families wanting quality cutlery which offered value for money. The business prospered during the boomtown period of the 1960s in Sheffield when they branched out to open subsidiaries in a number of countries around the world.

Now owned by Rayware Ltd, the Viners brand now supplies some of the best known British cutlery names as well as producing cutlery sets which are just as popular now as they were 50 years ago.

Viners cutlery sets are the perfect way to own a quality craftsman collection which is as good for practical use each morning for the family breakfast as it is at an exclusive dinner party. The ranges are diverse with designs ranging from traditional and classic intricate handles to contemporary sleek, sweeping lines. There are also options which are a little more unusual; you can buy collections of Viners cutlery manufactured from titanium with a bronze, rose gold or  black finish. Providing an air of exclusivity to the table, these sets are just as hard-wearing and scratch resistant as all other stainless steel choices available.

Buying a set of Viners means buying an iconic British brand and one you can trust to provide refined elegance combined with a suggestion of contemporary statement. It’s cutlery which will look as good in years to come as the day it is delivered direct to your door.


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